Our signature service: Super Nano CLR Oil Service package

C Clean – Deep cleaning of engine
L Lubricate – Service with German-made Motor Oil
R Restore & Protect – Engine protection and restoration



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Super Nano arrives into Hong Kong Island – Spark Industries, Kennedy Town

Super Nano chooses Bactakleen® as car disinfection partner
available soon at Super Nano's partner garages near you


Every car owner's problem: Engine Wear

The key to engine restoration is to treat engine wearing. Super Nano contains metallic nanoparticles that can resurface and protect important engine parts.

Connecting rod bearings is an engine part commonly affected by engine wear.




Product information

Engine restorers, Motor oil and Transmission restorer products that focuses on engine wearing are our expertise.

Super Nano ESTER Plus Motor Oil

100% Fully Synthetic. ESTER and PAO Base Oil. Contains Military grade HTHS additives and engine protection technology. API SP, ACEA A3/B4/C3, ILSAC GF-5, MB 229.31/229.51, VW 504.00/507.00, VW 502/505, BMW LL-04 PORSCHE C30, PORSCHE A40, GM dexos2, Ford WSS-M2C917A, GM 6094M, GM 4718M

World's first "Engine Restore" Motor Oil.




Featured on Press

Over 14 years of History, 200,000 engine restorers sold, you will find confidence to see results for your car.

Automobile Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #493

CarPlus Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #297

CAZ Buyer Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #873

Super Nano Engine and Transmission Products

Multiple engine restorer of the year and motor oil awards. German-made motor oil for the best protection you can find for your engine. Reasonably priced.

Automobile Magazine Hong Kong Car of the Year 2020 Awards: Engine Restorer of the Year

CarPlus Magazine Hong Kong Car of the Year 2019 Awards: Motor Oil of the Year

"Top grade motor oil, reasonable price" – Automobile Magazine Hong Kong

Made for Car Owners who care care about their engines.