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Engine Restoration that works. Awesome level  = 100.


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Super Nano official website & online shop – Innovative engine products.

Our work is to bring innovative and effective engine care and maintenance solutions, including lubricants, that are made to the highest standard and to use on modern engines.

Next Generation Engine Restorer

Tired Engine?

Super Nano is a hi-tech solution that restores the power and speed to your engine. Feel the amazing effect in 15 minutes.

Say goodbye to low-power.

lamborghini huracan super nano engine restorer

Want Performance?

Using Super Nano will reduce the air escape from the engine combustion chamber and take your engine to the next level.

DYNO Tested, Compression Tested.

Single bottle, amazing effect.



Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our products are made to provide genuine results and safe to use on all engines.

super nano engine service package engine restorer motor oil ESTER Plus 5w30 Engine flush there is no best only better
Honda Civic
ferrari 599 super ester plus 5W40
Ferrari 599
lamborghini huracan super ester plus 0w40 motor oil engine oil maintenance
Lamborghini Huracán
bmw 320i super ester plus 5w30 motor oil
BMW 320i
BMW 5 Series
Volkswagen Tiguan
(2.0L TFSI)
BMW 3 Series
Ducati Monster 796
super ester plus 0W20 super nano engine restorer toyota 86
Toyota 86
(FA20 2.0L)
Audi S3
(2.0L TFSI I4)
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 Super ESTER Plus Motor Oil
Mercedes-Benz CLA
(2.0L I4 Turbo)
Chevrolet Camaro
Lexus GS300
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5
Honda NSX

Engine Restoration technology that works.

Harnessing the power of pure metal nanotechnology, hear what our users have to say.

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer
Sydney, Australia

2003 Nissan Pulsar
Sydney, Australia

Lexus IS200
Fanling, Hong Kong

2009 Toyota Hilux
Sydney, Australia

2014 BMW 420i
Sydney, Australia

2007 Mini Cooper
Sydney, Australia



12 Years of engine restoration history, over 200,000 vehicles restored, confidence guarantee.

Automobile Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #493, December 2020

carplus magazine hong kong issue 327 super nano engine restorer article gogowash

CarPlus Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #297, November 2020

Cazbuyer issue 873 ho lung motor article 引擎重生 賀龍汽車維修 Toyota 86 super nano engine restorer

CAZ Buyer Magazine Hong Kong
Issue #873, August 2020

super nano repairs engine wear banner graphic



Concours Lépine

Bronze Medallion invention award for “Plating Concentrate”

(Hong Kong)

“Car of the year 2020” award for Engine Restorer of the Year
“Car of the year 2019” award for Engine Restorer of the Year
“Car of the year 2018” award for Outstanding Motor Oil of the Year

CAZ Buyer Weekly Magazine
(Sing Tao Group, Hong Kong)

Best Engine Restorer

(Hong Kong)

Best Motor Oil of the Year
Best Engine Restorer of the Year


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