Super Nano Engine Products

Satisfies car owners with a desire of maximum performance

In addition to pursuing the latest styles and technologies of automobiles, another important reason for buying a new car is to enjoy the perfect mechanical condition of the new car and indulge in the perfect driving pleasure. However, this happiness may not last long. Cars are like people, and there will wear and tear after prolonged use. The condition will gradually decline with the years, and the performance will begin to decline until it is unbearable to the point where it is difficult to escape the fate of changing to a new car. This is the law.

Therefore, We would need a product that will profoundly change how car owners will think about car maintenance for a very long time...

Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g

Super Nano offers a range of professional engine and transmission products that restores and protects.  The specialty of our brand is that our products contain patented metallic restorative nanotechnology, which profoundly restores and protects classic to modern engines. Our engine restorers originated from Russia and Motor Oil made in Germany and is currently being perfected in the International city of Hong Kong, where we have access to the world's most classic and modern automobiles.


Under Sing Tao News Corporation's automotive magazine CAZ Buyer Report, Super Nano Engine Products reduces fuel consumption by 9.75%

Under Internationally recognised DYNO testing center Master Tuning Asia testing, Super Nano Engine Restorer increases/restores horsepower by +15 HP and +17.4 MAX N•m.

Saving essential fuel costs and restoring the power and efficiency of the car owner's favourite cars, is what Super Nano is all about.


Super Nano Engine Products have been DYNO tested at the following Internationally recognised testing centers:



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Made for Car Owners who care care about their engines.