Nissan Engines

Owners who love their Nissan engines can use Super Nano Engine Restorer to restore its pride and glory. Users can in short time hear the thickening rumbling of exhaust sound, they can also experience positive changes to the compression, engine vibration and throttle response. Whether your engine is the classic RB26DETT or VR38DETT series, you will feel the practical effects of the engine restorer.


In addition to the classic GTR, our engine restorers have also helped the owners of Serena, Elgrand and Infiniti models acquire actual fuel savings, quieter engine and refreshing engine restoration experience.

日產 Serena C25/C26/C27


日產 Serena C26(UNG Automotive,佐敦,香港)

Super Nano 超級引擎修復劑,保護及回復引擎應有狀態

車主用後感 (9/11/2021)

Nissan GT-R R35



Manufacture Year: 2012   Mileage: 29,962 km 

Engine: 3.8L(3,799cc) V6 Twin-turbo DOHC (VR38DETT)

Bore x Stroke: 95.5 X 88.4 mm

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Power: 480-600 hp (353-441 kW) @6400-6800RPM

Torque: 588-652 N⋅m (434-481 lb-ft) @3200-5600RPM

Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Product: Super Engine Restorer 75g

Super Engine Restorer 75g

mileage: 29,962 kms

Shek Kong Auto Parts Owner,  Mr. "Yuen Long Pouring Master"  Yeung.

After changing motor oil, warm up the engine to operating temperature before adding the engine restorer.

Nissan GT-R R34


KING34 Nissan GT-R R34,Built by Maatouks Racing at Queen Street Custom's Booth area

Golden RB32DETT Engine with Golden Turbo

Super Nano 火炭 服務地點 「浚車汽車」有時候都會為客戶訂購及安裝獨特車鈴

Maroon Nissan GT-R R32,Built by All Torque Autos at Hot Import Nights 2019

A very clean RB26DETT

Can you find the Turbo?

日產 GTR R34
服務地點: 浚車汽車音響精品電池

日產 Serena C26

Nissan Pulsar

Manufacture Year: 2003

Engine type: 2L 4 Cylinder Petrol/Gasoline  Mileage: 161,759 kms

Issues: Drive's occassionally a little jumpy, inconsistent engine sound

Tested product: 2 x Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g


Before Super Nano:

Engine vibration (location 1): Approx. 5.7 mm/s (± 0.2)
Sound test: 77.7 to 81.9 db

After 1st Super Nano
Engine vibration: Approx. 5.3 mm/s (± 0.2)
Sound test: 76.3 to 79.1 db

After 2nd Super Nano ( 2 days – after 120kms of driving)
Engine vibration: Approx. 5.7 mm/s (± 0.2)

** Vibration sensor not placed in ideal location for ideal results. To be improved in subsequent tests.


After driving for 120kms

"It's really quiet, I mean, the (2nd bottle) just went in. But yeah, it definitely not vibrating since it's been on. The drive's so far's very smooth, not hearing any funny engine noises that I sometimes hear. 

It's just sometimes the engine makes some strange, humming, grumbling noises, I didn't really hear much of that, since putting in the first bottle, and now since we've put in the second bottle, still not hearing too many funny sounds.

I think it is a smoother acceleration, um... I'm not very good with cars, so I wish I could give a better description but I think I notice improvements about just the way it drives, the way it responds to the accelerator, to even sitting idling in traffic, I think. It's certainly better than what it have been before using this."