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You can find our selection of press & media articles showcasing product testing figures, stories, events and interviews. Since we are based in Hong Kong, it's natural to find various articles in Traditional Chinese. We have translated and presented a summary of the key information for your reading.

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All information presented here is for informational purposes only and presented accurate to the best of our ability. Please make any purchase decisions wisely, as we do not hope our customers to make decisions based on incorrect information.

**Note: articles contain unofficial translation of article from Traditional Chinese to English.

Automobile magazine p115 super resurs 2019 jan issue

Premium Quality • Fair Price

Super Resurs ESTER Plus Full Synthetic Engine Oil

SUPER RESURS's expertise is in engine restoration, and this year they are progressing to the domain of Engine Oil, releasing premium quality at a fair price, to satisfy car owners with a desire for quality. The product satisfies the requirements of various Car manufacturers, and have a positive impact on acceleration and fuel consumption.

*Article source: P115/January 2019, Automobile Magazine (Hong Kong)

Grand Debut – Full Synthetic Engine Oil. SUPER RESURS

“SUPER RESURS Engine Remetaliser has since launched in the market for more than eight years, and its reputation and effects have been well recognised. It has become the engine supplement car owners use to complement with when they change their engine oil. Now to satisfy customers with a requirement for high quality engine oil, Super Resurs has released Full Synthetic ESTER Engine Oil. In order to ensure the best production quality for the oil, SUPER RESURS's Full Synthetic Motor oil is made in Germany. The product is marked with true 100% full synthetic base oil, and SUPER RESURS Engine oil obtains the industry's highest SN/CG level. In addition, also have obtained the  ACEA C3 certification. This not only is compatible for a number of European and Japanese car models, the oil can also be used with the new EU 4,5,6 diesel engine vehicles. Because of the C3 certification, there are no diesel vehicles with DPF carbon particulate filter. The Engine oil is certified by various European and American Automobile brands, reflecting confidence and trust in the quality of the product.

Tested Product:1 bottle of Super Resurs Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5W40 – 4 Litres

Mileage:100568 km

After 100km of driving after Engine Oil change:

0-100kmh:from 11.36s to 10.33s

Fuel Consumption:10.5L/100km to 9.5L/100km

Engine Noise: from 84.1 db to 77.7 db

Engine Vibration:from 6.7mm/s to 4.9mm/s

*Article Source: P118 & P119 /March 2017, Issue 106, Hyperzpeed Magazine  (Hong Kong)

Lamborghini Gallardo with Super Resurs

Mileage: 40223 km

Engine Vibration: from 5.1mm/s to 3.8mm/s

Engine Noisefrom 97.6db to 86.3db

Comment: Throttle response has improved, and torque from lower RPM has improvements, and from hearing the sound the it's noted that the compression has increased too.

*Article Source: ,Issue 197,  Car Plus Magazine (Hong Kong)

Super Resurs with Porsche Cayman S

Engine Vibration: from 4.8mm/s to 2.1mm/s

Engine Noisefrom 85.2db to 78.3db

Comment: Car owner is very satisfied with the test results. He realised Super Resurs can profoundly decrease engine vibration, a very good sign in protecting the engine. When the Engine vibration has been markedly decreased, while running the engine noise has noticable improvements. It feels there is more agility and more throttle response.

*Article source: Issue 192 Car Plus Magazine (Hong Kong)

Super Resurs – Adaptive Engine Flush

Test Vehicle: Audi A4 1.8T

Engine Noise: from 81.9db to 78.2db

*Article source: Issue 193 Car Plus Magazine (Hong Kong)

Special Care for Diesel Engines

Tested car: 2013 Mazda 6 Skyactiv-D (Diesel)

Engine Vibration: from 12.3mm/s to 5.8mm/s

Engine Noisefrom 88.7db to 76.1db

*Article source: ,Issue 192 Car Plus Magazine (Hong Kong)


Super Resurs & PROTRONIX

MIRC Macau Expo 14-16th Nov 2013

Advan Technology International is actively participating in the Macau International Automotive Exhibition, showcasing Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser, Protronix and a wide range of products.

Dr. Vasily Kuzmin, the inventor of Super Resurs, made a special trip from Russia to get close contact with the fans and share high-level engine restoration technology.

Reknowned drift driver Kazuyoshi Okamura visits Super Resurs.

*Article source: 2013

TZR 3rd club Track Day

Director John Chan personally demonstrates Super Resurs Engine Restoration experience.

@TZR 3rd club Track Day

Super Resurs is a sponsor of the Track Day event & TB Group. 

Tested Vehicles: Volkswagen Golf R MK7, Volkswagen Golf R MK6, Mitsubishi Evolution VII

*Article source: Issue 208

Silver. Nanoparticle Delivery – Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser.

"Quiet + Agility"

Test Vehicle: 1991 Honda NSX 

Engine: Honda C30A 3.0 liter, DOHC, 24-valve, V6

Mileage:98200 km

Engine Noise: from 80.9 db to 76.8db

Owner's comment: 

"This NSX manufactured in 1991 has a mileage close to 100,000kms, and you can feel noticeable engine vibration and that the engine is not at peak efficiency. I saw "Yuen Long Pouring Master" shook the 2 bottles, then understood that it help increase the effect. After applying it into the engine and stepping on the gas for 5 minutes mildly and consistently, something unexpected happened. Engine noise reduced by approximately half, and the exhaust noise also decreased by half. Engine vibration also decreased, and the throttle response, horsepower have increased. The effect is quite positive, allowing a beast of a sports car regain its quality.

*Article source: 2013 May

Amazing Effect – Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser

High Performance Sports Car – SUPER RESURS Experience Day

When a group of car owners knew that SUPER RESURS are holding an one-day event at Yongda Auto Accessories Center in Macau, a number of customised cars were on the scene. The scene was spectacular, and many owners were already familiar with SUPER RESURS. Its noticable that the name has a solid reputation in Macau too.

*Article source:  2013 November

Engine Restore and Agility Combination

Tested Product:1 bottle of Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser 75g + Super Tronix 

Engine Noise: from 90.5 db to 81.8 db

Special Thanks: Mr. Ho Chun Hin 

*Article source: P110 & P111, Hyperzpeed 2016 May Issue

Engine Protector 

"The characteristics of the 911's Boxer engine has much power output, a low center of gravity which enhances stability when attacking corners. As the design is different from a traditional engine, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the engine. On this occasion, it is fortunate to have several 911 car owners with a passion for sports cars. A day of engine restoration testing proved to be delightful, showcasing that SUPER RESURS is truly effective – having a status as a good option for engine maintenance for all car owners."

Test 1: 2007 997 Porsche (911)

Engine Noise: from 89.0 db to 80.9 db

Test 2: 1997 993 Porsche (911)

Engine Noise: from 90.7 db to 83.5 db

Test 3: 2000 996 Porsche (911)

Engine Noise: from 87.6 db to 82.8 db


*Article source: 2013 March

The birth of a "Pouring Master"

One man and one pair of hands single-handedly restored over 10,000 cars. Behind this is the Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser. At least 30,000 bottles were poured by him onto engines and gearboxes – earning him the nickname the "Yuen Long Pouring Master".

Tested Car:Honda Accord Euro R CL7

Engine Noise: from 96.9 db to 81.7db

*Article source: 2013 May

Super Resurs with Option Fans 2013 Track Day

A professional driver's engine supplement

"The compression in every cylinder has increased and balanced out, Horsepower increased by at least 10 HP, Oil burning symptoms reduced by 50%"

K20A Enthusiast & Professional driver Billy Lo shares his thoughts on Engine Care.

Tested Vehicle: Honda Integra Type R (DC5), Engine: K20A

Special Thanks: Mr. Billy Lo

*Article source: 2013 September