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Mercedes-AMG C43

Manufacture Year: 2016

Engine: 3.0L V6 biturbo Petrol  Mileage: 89,763 km

Location: Ho lung Motor, Fanling, Hong Kong

Product tested: 2 x Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g,2 x Super Nano Engine Flush,Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil (7L)

Test results:

Engine Vibration: From 3.3 mm/s to 2.6 mm/s (Reduction of 16~22%)

Engine Noise: From 83.1 dB to 81.8 dB 


Car Owners comment:

"This is the first time I've used the engine restorer for this C43. The engine definitely performs better at lower RPMs. The engine noise also reduced, overall I think the engine performance feels better. Will need more time to test the fuel consumption. "

Super Nano Innovative Service Package

Not Only are we changing the oil and filter for this car, we are also adding the Super Nano Engine Restorer into the package, this allows for the replenish any lost compression and improving lubrication while also reducing engine vibration and noise. Innovation.

Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil

Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g

引擎震動測試(前後30分鐘)套餐前:3.3 mm/s,套餐後:2.6 mm/s

引擎噪音測試(前後30分鐘)套餐前:83.1 dB,套餐後:81.8 dB

Ho Lung Motor

Fanling, Hong Kong

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