BMW Engines

Super Nano Engine Restorer and Super ESTER Plus engine oil are suitable for various BMW engines, such as X4, 330i, 118i, M4, X5, 320d, etc. German-made engine oil has also obtained BMW (BMW) LL-04 certification.

With over 12 years of experience in engine restoration products, we are able to recommend to car owners on how to improve the efficiency of their existing engines, significantly reduce vibration and noise, and reduce fuel consumption. It should be noted that the Engine Restorers must be applied with the engine at working temperature. Please contact us for detailed usage information. "Super Nano Engine Restorer" is delivered worldwide.

BMW 520i (F10)

Engine Restore service package

Audi A5, BMW X5M, Honda Stream, Toyota Previa, Toyota ALPHARD, Mercedes-Benz E300, CLK

Engine Restore Service Package

BMW 1 Series


BMW 3 Series


You mind find positive surprises from using Super Nano's products

BMW Manufacturer's Oil Filter

Super ESTER Plus 5W40 "Engine Restore" Motor Oil, Made in Germany

UNG Automotive 車工房
佐敦, 香港

更換德國製造 Hengst 引擎風隔




Brake disc 更換

BMW 5 Series


Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil, Super Nano Engine Flush 350ml

BMW 7 Series


BMW 740i

Super Nano Engine Flush 深層引擎清洗劑

Oil filter 機油隔

Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil 引擎修復偈油

Spark Plugs 火咀

Super Nano Engine Restorer 超級引擎修復劑

Engine air filter 引擎風隔

Ignition Coil 點火線圈  









BMW 420i M Sport

Manufacture Year: 2014

Engine type: 2.0L 4 Cylinder Petrol/Gasoline  Mileage: 81,746 kms

Tested product: 1 x Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g


Engine Vibration: from 5.7 mm/s to 3.2 mm/s (43% Reduction)

Engine Noise: from 74.5db to 72.3db

Car Owners comments:

"I think it's pretty good. It gives my car that little bit of extra power, and makes the run smoother. Highly recommended."