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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Version: 20240120

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General Questions

Glossary: Super Nano Engine Restorer, MT Transmission Restorer, 2 Stroke Engines

Why should I use the Super Nano Engine Restorer?

After your car had been driven for tens of thousands-kilometers, even while using quality and premium engine oil for maintenance every five thousand kilometers of driving – this will only slow down the rate of engine wear, not avoiding it. In fact, the internal parts of engine has accumulated different levels of metal wear over the course of general usage, many of which we are unable to detect. The best way to solve this problem is to repair the engine interior metal part wear, in order to restore the original compression ratio of the engine and recover engine efficiency. However, by dismantling the engine to repair can cost a lot and is very time consuming. With the use of Super Nano Engine Restorer, it will work like magic to your engine interior, allowing the opportunity for full restoration and for the protection of the engine, greatly extending the life span of your engine.

How does Super Nano work?

Super Nano Engine Restorer (Released 2019, 3rd Gen.) has successfully combined common and rare soft metals into a unique metal alloy formulation, which then uses the engine oil as a medium to transport the unique nano-metal repairing particles, and those nano particles will combine with metal surface within the engine, forming a firm and soft honeycomb like protection layer. This effectively repairs metal wear in a short period of time, improve engine sealing ability, effectively restore the engine’s original compression ratio and greatly improve engine efficiency.

What is the difference between Super Nano and other anti-wear additives on the market?

Most of the anti-wear additives on the market have the purpose to reduce the frictional resistance inside the engine, however does not eliminate the main source of causing “metal wear” inside the engine, so they do not generally give much protection to the engine. Regardless of which kind of anti-wear additives you use, the ingredients usually contains PETF resin, sulfuric acid with strong acidity and high corrosives or ceramics with poor heat dissipation, all these materials will bring a long term negative impact to the engine. Super Nano is definitely not an anti-wear additive. It is invented by several former Soviet Defense and Aerospace scientists, named as ENGINE REMETALLIZER – it has the true ability to repair metal wear inside the engine. Super Nano Engine Restorer is formulated with variety of rare and precious metals, does not contain any substances that is harmful to the engine, and the manufacturer has guaranteed that Super Nano is absolutely safe to use.

Why is Super Nano more effective in repairing engines than other oil additives and anti-wear additives?

Most oil additives and anti-wear additives use non-metallic substances such as PETF, TEFLON, resins, ceramics, sulfur or chemical additives as ingredients. These materials are unable to form strong bonding with metal parts, which eventually fall off easily, thus does not provide any help in filling the wear between the piston and the cylinder wall. Super Nano uses a pure metal formulation, which can tightly bond with the internal metal parts of the engine, achieving the restoration of the compression ratio effectively, increase horsepower, torque, reduce fuel consumption, reduce vibration and noise.

Which engines are not suitable for Super Nano?

None. Super Nano is absolutely suitable for all types of internal combustion engines, as long as you select the correct type (for Cars, Motorbikes, etc.) and use the recommended dosage.

I am using Rotary engine. Can I use Super Nano?

Absolutely. Rotary engines and naturally fragile and the engine can wear easily, so we strongly recommend the car owner to use Super Nano immediately to restore the compression ratio for the Rotary engine, in order to protect and extend the engine life span.

The Boxer engine gets damaged easily. What should I do?

The pistons in Boxer engines moves horizontally, therefore, the piston and the metal under the cylinder wall are working under high pressure, causing metal wear and lead to compression leakage. There is much positive feedback from car owners with Boxer Engines after using Super Nano in their car engine.

Can motorcycles use Super Nano?

Absolutely. Whether it is a two-stroke or four-stroke motorcycle engine, you can use Super Nano in your motorcycle proportionally. There are quite a few positive feedback from motorcycle owners after using Super Nano in their bike.

For how long does the effect of Super Nano last?

All you need to do is to add the recommended amount of Super Nano into the engine and follow the instructions given, and your engine will achieve full restoration, the repairing effect usually lasts for 15,000 kilometers (Approx. 9320 miles). If you would like to keep the engine operating at top performance, you can add a bottle of 50g Super Nano to the engine every time you change the engine oil.

Do I need to change the engine oil before using Super Nano?

If your engine oil is still fresh (millage within 2 thousand kilometers or within 3 months), it is not necessary to replace the engine oil. All you need to do is simply add Super Nano directly as instructed. If the engine oil has been used for a long time, you must replace with new engine oil before adding Super Nano in it.

What is the recommended amount of Super Nano needed to repair an engine?

Generally, each bottle of 50g Super Nano can mix well into 3 - 5 liters of engine oil. If mileage has exceeded 70,000 kilometers or the engine is in poor condition, then you will need to add one or two additional bottles of 50g Super Nano.

What is the recommended amount of Super Nano needed to protect an engine?

Generally, mix 50g Super Nano to 5 liters of engine oil will provide full protection and extend the life span of the engine.

In what condition of the car able to get the maximum benefit from Super Nano?

In fact, Super Nano can bring benefits to any engine regardless its condition. For example, when the car has 60,000 kilometers mileage, the engine interior have significant metal wear – causing a reduction in engine efficiency. So if you add Super Nano to the engine at that moment, you can experience a significant good response from it.

Why is Super Nano in such a small bottle?

There is no difference as to whether it is in big or small bottle, as our focus is on the concentration of the pure alloy metallic nano-particles within the bottle. We do not want to add in some cheap lubricants just to make the bottle to look bigger.

Do you need to remove any engine oil?

When you add Super Nano into the engine oil, you do not need to remove part of the engine oil.

Is it really effective to use Super Nano?

The technology behind Super Nano has won the recognition of more than 100,000 car owners in Europe and it has also been adopted by many government departments, as Engine restoration technology has made a great contribution in saving energy, reducing polluting emissions and reduce engine maintenance cost. It has achieved likewise success in Hong Kong as well, and has given remarkable results to many car owners, the satisfaction is 100%. With this we guarantee that every car owner who uses Super Nano will feel its excellent results.


Common engine problems questions

My engine oil leaks; I could see it leaking from a place above the oil filter. Can this really work for engine oil leaks without disassembling the engine?

No. Super Nano is not able to resolve oil leaks. Oil leaking is a problem of a broken oil seal, oil pan and/or engine head gasket. For these issues, have the parts replaced at your local mechanic. 

Once these issues is resolved, you can use the engine restorer without it leaking with the oil.

When changing the engine oil, I noticed there are metal shavings/metal flakes in the oil. Does Super Nano do this? 

Metal shavings or flakes in the engine oil is a symptom of low levels of engine oil, leading to minimal lubrication and the products of metal on metal parts grinding on each other at super high speeds.

First, replace and add sufficient levels of engine oil to restore lubrication. 

Second, add the recommended amount for "Engine Restoration" of Super Nano to help restore the lost surfaces of the engine parts and to restore the performance of your engine.

Super Nano contains nanosized repairing agents that does not damage the internal metal parts of the engine.


MT Transmission Restorer

Can you use the MT Transmission Restorer on a transmission/differential with a LSD or Powerlock?

If your differential has a LSD device or a powerlock system, you can use the MT Transmission Restorer.

The dosage amount is 1 bottle of MT Transmission Restorer mixed with 1-2 Litres of Transmission/Differential Oil.

How often do I need to use the MT Transmission Restorer?

Recommended to add everytime transmission oil is serviced (as stated by your service garage). If the tranmission is in good condition, without any issues, recommend to use 1 bottle every 2 transmission oil replacement interval.

In general, if you notice any issues with your transmission, you should use MT Transmission Restorer immediately.


2 stroke engines

What about 2 stroke engines?

For engines & equipment that require a pre-mixed gas & oil mixture, mix a maximum of 50g of Super Nano per 1 Litre of oil.

Once mixed, use super nano, gas & oil mixture into equipment and run the engine for a few minutes to start the restoration process.