Engine Care (Lubrication): Ultra Performance Engine Oil

Breaking limits.

To satisfy car owners with a desire to reach ultra engine conditions.

Most high performance track and racing cars at the racing level uses “Group 5” ESTER based oil. The polaristic nature of ESTER Type engine oil makes oil film molecules stick to the metal surface, allowing better viscosity temperature characteristics, extreme high and low temperature performance, oxidation stability, and high lubricity. So when it comes to lubricating properties, Ester oils are the best. It’s also able to increase engine power while reducing fuel consumption.

Super Engine Restorer has also been on the market for over ten years, with its reputation and effects well recognised. It has become the engine supplement for many car owners whenever they change their oil. Now, in order to cater to the needs of car owners with a strong desire for quality and performance, we have launched a fully synthetic ESTER motor oil for ULTRA performance.

Engineered for Quality & Performance

In order to ensure the highest quality of the oil produced, Super Fully Synthetic motor oils are made in Germany. The product is marked and certified as a true 100% fully synthetic base oil. Super  Motor Oil has reached the industry's highest SN / CG specification level, and has obtained ACEA C3 certification. In addition to being suitable for use in a variety of European and Japanese vehicles, it can also be applicable to new European Union 4, 5, and 6 diesel engine vehicles. Because of the C3 certification, diesel cars with DPF carbon particulate filters are not a problem. The motor oil itself has also been certified by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Porsche, Ford and other manufacturers’ standards. With these specifications, product quality is naturally evident.

A special mention for Super Fully Synthetic Motor Oils is it is formulated with the latest patented additives and military grade HTHS additives. This assists in providing an extreme pressure protection layer, generated within the friction area of the engine, that increases the air tightness and compression force between the cylinders, and ensure that the engine has the best lubrication protection and performance at any time, and providing low resistance and higher temperature resistance – This innovation provides the ability for the engine to perform for long periods at a level exceeding than of a new car. 

Magazine Product and Road Test:

Fuel efficient, Horsepower increase, Quieter engine – Satisfying 3 important desires for Motor oil choice.

Most of the motor oils on the market are also composed of 75% -80% base oil and additives. The base oil is divided into 5 groups. A truly synthetic engine oil must be prepared from a Group IV PAQ or Group V ESTER ester base oil. However, there are also some lower range and cost synthetic motor oils which are made up of Group III base oils with additives, where one cannot expect to gain major performance benefits from it. Even if the oil is prepared by the Group IV base oil of PAO, it may not satisfy a group of car owners who are eager reach the highest state of the engine. Therefore, most high-performance racing-grade motor oils uses the fifth group of ESTER ester base oil. 

In order to understand the actual performance of Super Motor Oil, some equipment must be used to measure the figures after new oil change. This time, we mainly tested three areas of acceleration performance, fuel consumption and engine noise of new oil. 

Applying Super Resurs Motor Oil 5W40 (4 Liters)

The vehicle tested was a BMW 525i manufactured in 2008. Owner has always been fond of to trying different brands of engine oil ever since owning the car, with only high-quality fully synthetic engine oil were used. Motor oils ranging from several hundred dollars (Approx 50 USD) to one thousand dollars have been tried (Approx. 200 USD), and the conclusion is that the quality and price of motor oil are often directly proportional. 

Before the test, the original data has been recorded for 0-100 km acceleration of 10.6 seconds, fuel consumption of 11.3 liters / 100 km and engine noise of 88.2 dB. We first drive for 200 kilometers then test the data.

The new data after engine oil change are: 0-100 km acceleration of 9.43 seconds, fuel consumption of 10.6 liters / 100 km and the engine noise is 78.4 dB. The acceleration performance of 1.2 seconds faster is quite astonishing.

The owner also said that the after oil change engine performance is very smooth and powerful. In the past, only a thousand dollars grade (Approx. 200 USD) of racing motor oil had this kind of performance, but the price of Super fully synthetic motor oil was only less than half. Great value. 


In addition, there is also a 6% savings in fuel consumption, which means that after 8,000 kilometers, you can get back 800 dollars (Approx. 150 USD) in fuel costs. Smart owners, we'll let you do the calculation.

Translated from Magazine Test source article:

Caz Buyer Issue 689, February 2017