Volkswagen Engines

Super Nano Engine Restorer is suitable for Volkswagen engines, from 1.4 liter to 2.0 Turbocharged engines found in Golf and Tiguan models. In the maintenance of the engines, its necessary to understand what accumulated engine wear does to the performance and efficiency of the engine.


In general, high displacement and high RPM means the degree of metal wearing for high-horsepower engines is higher than that of a normal engine. From the perspective of metal wear, timely and consistent protection and restoration during periods of high temperature and high pressure can be a valuable choice for engine maintenance. The features of the Super Nano Engine Restorer is that the restorative particles are made of silver, copper and other rare metals. As the structure of these nanoparticles are made from soft metal components, when inside a running engine it would not affect the hard metals inside the engine. The particles form a honeycomb-like crystal protective metallic layer to protect and Seal the compression inside the engine's combustion chamber.


Based on our experience with Volkswagen engines, we have seen that our engine restorers have noticeable effects in reducing engine vibration and noise, improving fuel economy and a peace of mind to owners alike.


Volkswagen Golf


Volkswagen Golf R

Manufacture Year: 2010

Engine: 2.0L I4 Turbocharged

Bore x Stroke: 82.5 X 92.8mm

Compression Ratio: 9.8:1

Power: 271 PS or 267 bhp or 199 kW @ 6000 rpm

Torque: 350 Nm or 258 lb.ft @ 2500-5000 rpm

Product: Super ESTER Plus 5W30 Motor Oil

Super ESTER Plus 5W30 Motor Oil

Super ESTER Plus 5W30 Motor Oil

Volkswagen 福士 Golf VI TSI /
Super Nano 引擎修復 換油套餐

Volkswagen 福士 Golf TSI /
Super Nano 引擎修復 換油套餐

VW Golf GT

Volkswagen 福士 Golf V TSI

Super 超級引擎修復劑