Daihatsu Engines

Daihatsu has more than 113 years of history and is one of the longest automobile and internal combustion engine manufacturers in Japan. Famous for the manufacture of 3-wheel and passenger "kei" cars, which are very popular in Japan. Super Nano Engine Restorer is suitable to use on Daihatsu engines such as the straight 3 turbocharged engine found in the Gino model. The more classic the engine, the harder it is to find accessories. Therefore, our engine restorers is very valuable to supplement the loss of metal from engine wear and tear. Restore engine efficiency for your Daihatsu engine.

引擎修復第一步:Clean 清洗引擎

引擎修復第二步:Lubricate 更換頂級偈油

引擎修復第三步:Restore and Protect 引擎修復劑 (修復及保護引擎)

Daihatsu Gino

Manufacture Year: 

Engine(Factory Spec.) 659cc I3 Turbocharged

Bore x Stroke: 68 X 60.5 mm

Compression Ratio: 8.5:1

Power: 64 PS (63 bhp) (47 kW) at 6400 rpm

Torque: 107 Nm (79 ft·lb) (10.9 kgm) at 3600 rpm

Location:  Ho Lung Motor (Fanling, Hong Kong)

Products: Super Nano Engine Restorer 50gSuper ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor OilSuper Nano Engine Flush