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About Super Nano


Super Nano is at the convergence point of a brand that had its origin from Russia, made its name in Hong Kong, sources raw materials from Germany and now expanding to other Countries and Automobile Cultures – all for the sake of creating better engine products for car owners with a desire for comprehensive engine care, premium quality & ultra performance.

The current product line-up consists of Engine Oils and award-winning Engine Restorer. With performance and effectiveness in mind, Super Nano continues to evolve and adapt to automotive market trends, inline with our mission to deliver true innovative engine care to the world.

The predecessor to Super Nano has become an innovative solution to many commonly found engine and driving issues/problems, and an additional effect of increasing overall engine performance for car owners in Hong Kong. Now Super Nano is taking form to expand into other Countries.

Having restored, improved performance & increased efficiency for over 200,000 internal combustion engines worldwide, we continue to work with car owners and drivers to develop/improve better engine products that are not harmful to the engine while increasing efficiency with the peace of mind that our products provide excellent value at a reasonable price.

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Available currencies: Hong Kong Dollar, Renminbi, New Taiwan Dollar, US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Filipino Peso, Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Baht, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Japanese Yen, Myanmar Kyat, Brunei Dollar, South Korea, Indonesian rupiah and Vietnamese Dong

We are also concerned about the pollution of our environment.

Exhaust emissions from vehicles are the main cause of roadside air pollution in Hong Kong. Diesel vehicles that emit large amounts of particulates and nitrogen oxides, such as trucks, buses and minibuses, are the main sources of pollution. Due to the high-rise buildings on both sides of the street, the roadside pollutants are often difficult to dissipate. As a result, the levels of respirable suspended particulates and nitrogen dioxide in the roadside air in Hong Kong have continued to exceed our air quality targets in the past few years.

We believe that we all have a choice in becoming more responsible car owners and contribute to create an environment that is clean, sustainable and better for all.

Environmental change is a collective effort.

Our work allowed us to understand first hand the effects of pollution and emissions of vehicles in high density cities.

We hope to raise awareness for all car owners in this regard and make the environment better for all.

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