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jeep compass super nano 引擎修復劑 火炭 浚車汽車

Jeep Engines

Super Nano Engine Restorer is compatible with Jeep petrol straight-4 engines, found in Wrangler, Compass and various models. Restore efficiency, lower fuel consumption and increase throttle response. 

• As the engine restoration particles are made with pure alloy, heat energy can be transferred more effectively, reducing engine temperature

• Super Nano help seal-off the compression chamber, reducing blow-by or compression loss as minimal as possible

• Due to the increased compression, fuel efficiency is also improved, and every unit of fuel can be converted to explosive energy

• During highloads, engine wearing is increased exponentially. With the engine restorer in the oil system, repairing is done simultaneously with high output. 

• The compression in all cylinder chambers are increased and balanced out, providing a general more efficient energy transfer at different RPMs. This also means the engine vibration or shakes lowered, further improving any loss of energy caused by unbalanced compression.

• The soft honey-comb like alloy surface created by the engine restorer helps provide an extra layer of protection on top of the quality engine oil, minimising the risk of engine collapse

For owners/drivers with a passion for engine performance, we recommend one bottle of Super Nano to be used at every oil change interval.

Jeep Compass


jeep compass juns car and audio super nano engine restorer oil change 換油 偈油

Oil drain

jeep compass juns car and audio super nano engine restorer oil change 換油 偈油

2.0L I4 Engine

Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil