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BMW Engines

Super Nano Engine Restorer and Super ESTER Plus engine oil are suitable for various BMW engines, such as X4, 330i, 118i, M4, X5, 320d, etc. German-made engine oil has also obtained BMW (BMW) LL-04 certification.


With over 12 years of experience in engine restoration products, we are able to recommend to car owners on how to improve the efficiency of their existing engines, significantly reduce vibration and noise, and reduce fuel consumption. It should be noted that the Engine Restorers must be applied with the engine at working temperature. Please contact us for detailed usage information. "Super Nano Engine Restorer" is delivered worldwide.

BMW M3 Series


BMW M4 Series


If 4 Litres packaging has been sold out, 1 Litre package will be used.

bmw m4 浚車汽車音響精品電池


BMW M5 Series


super nano engine restorer bmw m5 e49 b8 超級引擎修復劑 ung automotive 佐敦 車工房

BMW M5 B8 (E39) – Symptoms: Oil burning issues, suggest to use 2 Super Nano Engine Restorers

super nano engine restorer bmw m5 e49 b8 超級引擎修復劑 ung automotive 佐敦 車工房

Always warm up the engine and shake Super Nano for 1 minute before application.

BMW X5 M Series


BMW X5 M black type pressure 呔氣 打胎氣 super nano 火炭

Tyre pressure check and fill-up

BMW X5 M black  super nano ester plus 引擎機油 偈油 火炭 motor oil change

Professional Oil Service

Audi A5, BMW X5M, Honda Stream, Toyota Previa, Toyota ALPHARD, Mercedes-Benz E300, CLK

Engine Restore Service Package

BMW 油隔 Oil filter Ho Lung Motor 賀龍汽車維修 Ho Lung Motor

BMW Manufacturer's oil filter