DYNO Test results

Over the years we have conducted tests to determine the effectiveness of our Engine Restorer on automobiles. We have listed some here.


All information presented here is for informational purposes only and presented accurate to the best of our ability. Please make any purchase decisions wisely, as we do not hope our customers to make decisions based on incorrect information.

Mini Cooper

Manufacture Year: 2014

Engine type: 1.2L 3 Cylinder Petrol/Gasoline 

Modifications: ECU Tuning

Tested product: 1 x Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g


  Before adding Super Nano After adding Super Nano
Horsepower 133.64 hp +16hp @ 6300 RPM
Torque 243.49 N.m 270.09 N.m
DYNO & Compression Testing
Vehicle: 2008 VW GOLF 1.4 TSI
Mileage: 35,280km
Engine: Original Manufacturer Stock
• Testing period 10 Minutes before and after applying 1 bottle of
Engine Restorer
  Before adding Engine restorer After adding Engine Restorer
Horsepower 122.9 hp 131.5 hp
Torque 177 N.m 211 N.m
Cylinder 1 pressure 10.9 Bar 12 Bar
Cylinder 2 pressure 11 Bar 12.1 Bar
Cylinder 3 pressure 10.7 Bar 12 Bar
Cylinder 4 pressure 10.6 Bar 12 Bar

DYNO & Compression Testing
Mileage: 138,560km
Engine: Original Manufacturer Engine RB26DETT – No modifications to the engine and yet to be rebuilt
• Testing period 1 week before and after applying 2 bottles of Engine Restorer
  Before adding Engine Restorer After adding Engine Restorer
Horsepower 370.5 hp 388.7 hp
Torque 42.5 kg/m 43.8 kg/m
Cylinder 1 pressure 150 psi 160 psi
Cylinder 2 pressure 138 psi 158 psi
Cylinder 3 pressure 146 psi 159 psi
Cylinder 4 pressure 139 psi 158 psi
Cylinder 5 pressure 142 psi 159 psi
Cylinder 6 pressure 148 psi 160 psi

Car owner's comments:

Although the 1996 SKYLINE R33 GTR has more than 280 horsepower performance, the compression ratio of the original RB26DETT engine is set at a low 8.5:1, which has weaker power during low RPM and from stopping and starting, probably It may not be as good as compared to a typical 2,000cc naturally aspirated car. I also made some basic modification enhancements for this GTR, but it did not help the low-RPM issue. Instead, the whole horsepower curve was moved backwards, and the low-RPM response results became worse. Running the car at 5th Gear at 80km/h still lacks power.

After injecting the Engine restorer agent according to the dosage indication, I did not notice any significant changes during the first 300km. After driving the car for more than 500km, I felt that the torque during starts has notably improved, the acceleration became smooth, even the sound of exhaust has became more solid(wholesome) – I believe this is due to reduction of air leakage during compression.

What surprised me was that after driving for 1,000km, the acceleration became fuller, and the boost came earlier and stronger than before, likely the shaft of TURBO was also repaired at the same time, making the TURBO activating 200-300 RPM earlier. Driving now on 5th Gear at 70km/h have become quite relaxing, directly increase likely-hood of a daily use car.

Finally, I am very grateful to the distributor for making before and after tests after using the engine restorer for my GTR, such as engine cylinder pressure test, noise test, DYNAPACK, etc. This allowed me to clearly understand the improvement of the engine from the test results, and let me vote for confidence in the performance of the engine restorer.

It is clear from the horsepower chart that the horsepower and torque are increased by 18.2 hp and 1.4Kg/m. What is more rare is that not only the tail section is lifted, but the whole horsepower and torque curve have been clearly increased at low-RPM. It can be said that the RB26's power came earlier, enhancing the driving during Low RPM speeds – commonly experienced during daily city trips.


DYNO & Vibration Testing
Vehicle: 2010 BMW F10 520i
Engine: Original Manufacturer Stock
• Testing period on the same day before and after applying 1 bottle of Engine Restorer
  Before adding Engine Restorer After adding Engine Restorer
Horsepower 278 ps 291 ps
Torque 35.7 kg/m 38.4 kg/m
Engine Vibration 8.4 mm/s 4.9 mm/s