Oriental News Daily, 6th of November, 2021

Save Fuel Reports

Super Nano's Engine Restorers have in fact made an impact on engine efficiency. Increased compression means less fuel is required to be consumed to bring the same amount of power. This directly helps car owners in saving fuel cost

One way of combating increase in fuel prices: Restore the engine, decrease fuel consumption and increase engine efficiency

14 Years of engine restoration experience tells us: After engine restoration, obtain approximately an additional 50-100km per tank of fuel

奧迪 Audi A4


Toyota HIACE (Euro 4)


Toyota HIACE H200 (560,000kms)

Satisfied car owner Tung





Super ESTER Plus 5W40 Motor Oil, Super Nano Engine Restorer, Air filter, Honda Genuine Oil Filter

Fuel consumption on day of product use – 7.3 km/L

6 days later, a slight improvement of fuel consumption can be observed.

Approximately 1600km later, before using products each full tank distance(7.3 x 57L)= 416.1 kms, after using Super Nano(8.9 x 57L)= 507.3 kms, an increase of 91.2kms per tank, great result!

Hyundai H-1


豐田 Sienta


日產 Serena (C25)


Nissan Serena (C25) fuel savings after using Super Nano Engine Restorer

平治 E320



本田 Civic


引擎修復前:每缸油行 350公里,引擎修復後:每缸油行420公里

寶馬 335i


寶馬335i (51,252公里)引擎修復前:耗油量15.6L/100km 引擎修復後:耗油量13.8L/100公里



日產 ELGRAND 引擎修復後:每公里慳$0.3,每一萬公里慳$3000