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engine wear solution super nano engine restorer toyota 86 fa20 fix

Engine Care Step 3: Restore & Protect

Finally, a solution to engine wear.

A single Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g bottle contains millions of nanoparticles at the incredible size of 20 nanometers, which travel via the engine oil system during an active running engine, attracts at locations where there is highest heat and pressure, filling wear and tear on the surface of internal engine parts at a nanoscopic level. This also forms a porous metallic honey-comb like crystal layer between the cylinder walls and pistons.


This creates a superb engine condition that greatly improves the piston and oil ring sealing, gradually restoring & rebalance compression in all cylinders. With increased/restored compression means direct increase in horsepower & torque, burns fuel more completely, reduces engine vibration and noise, and since the particles are composed of metallic alloy, provides excellent thermal conductivity. 


super nano engine restorer 引擎修復劑 50g front
super nano engine restorer crystal lattice

Scale of Nanotechnology

A single Super Nano nanoparticle is at the size of 20 nanometers (nm) – that is 0.000 000 02 of a meter. Just how small is “nano?” A sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. A human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide.

Fun fact Source: nano.gov

super nano engine restorer amg c43

Super Nano Engine Restorer used on a Mercedes-AMG C43 V6 Engine.


Super Nano Common engine parts affected by wearing remetaliser

For all car engines, in most cases, the mileage of a car directly affects the state and life of the engine. The pistons, crankshaft and other engine parts are operating at a speed over thousands of revolutions per minute, and such metal parts come into direct metal to metal contact and friction with each other. In addition to generating high heat and pressure, components such as the cylinder wall, piston, and crankshaft inside the engine will generate worn metal. The more the miles, the more the metal wear within the engine, directly impacting engine performance.


When the state of the engine has dropped below to a certain level, we begin to feel symptoms of insufficient engine horsepower, high fuel consumption, high vibration and noise, and burning oil. Even if the best and highest grade oil is used regularly for maintenance and oil changes, it's only able to slow down the rate engine wear and cannot be completely avoided. So we not only need lubricants, but also products that can repair wear and tear.

wearing on cylinder wall
Wearing on cylinder wall
wearing on cylinder wall
Wearing on cylinder wall

Source: Alex Muir / howacarworks.com


wearing on pistons
Wearing on piston
wearing on conrod bearings
Wearing on conrod (journal) bearing

Reversing wear helps boost engine power

The cracks caused by the abrasion that has been formed on the metal surface prevent the engine cylinder pressure from reaching normal values. For those cracks, the best material is to use soft metal particles such as silver and copper. Combining "Metal-Friction Surface Repair Technology MSRT" in conjunction with nano (NANO) technology that can make repair particles easily pass through the the engine oil system, allows the particles to not be blocked and accumulated by the oil filter, and makes it possible to repair the extremely thin and extremely hard to reach metal wear positions with ease.

The metallic alloy particles is combined with the internal metal surface of the engine to form a porous honeycomb crystalline alloy layer that fills the metal wear in a short time and improve engine air tightness, increase cylinder pressure, effectively increase horsepower and torque, and reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

This certainly indicates that reversing the degree of engine wear as the most effective solution in restoring engine power.

super nano engine restorer repairing process chart diagram
super nano engine restorer how it works worn piston rings abrasion
super nano engine restorer restoration
super nano engine restorer how it works engine protection


This has created a favourable environment that improves engine sealing ability, effectively restore the engine’s original compression ratio, greatly improve fuel efficiency, burn the gasoline completely, increase horsepower and torque, eliminate engine vibration and reduce engine oil consumption – thus helping you save thousands in engine repairing and petrol expenses. The pure metal formulation in Super Nano has excellent thermal conductivity, which helps to cool down the engine interior, protecting the engine oil from being weakened from high temperature, thus extending the life span of engine oil by more than 150%, which is a benefit that is not commonly found in similar products.

super nano engine restorer adro ho lung motor 賀龍

2024年,SUPERNANO 繼續接觸更多的車主,令他們的愛車引擎回復狀態

Super Nano is DYNO Tested

subaru wrx sti super nano master tuning asia wrx dyno power run test 引擎修復劑

Master Tuning Asia, one of Hong Kong's most famous DYNO and Tuning centre.

subaru wrx sti master tuning asia dyno test 跑步機測試 dynamometer

DYNO Power run that tests for Power from the Wheel, Power from the Engine and Torque 

Before and After test using 2 bottles of Super Nano at Master Tuning Asia HK on a Subaru WRX STI (GDB) with 96000kms

Watch the Dyno test at Master Tuning Asia HK process video here

SUPERNANO Engine Restorer

SUPERNANO Engine Restorer is the latest in our line of engine restoration products.

This new "Super Nano" range utilises improved technology that is of remarkable change over its predecessor – The metallic alloy nanoparticles are now at the size of 20 nm, 4 times smaller than its predecessor. The smaller nanoparticles now allow the particles to reach and restore tiny worn engine surfaces at an even faster rate. 

super nano remetaliser 50g engine restorer back side

Application photos

Super Nano Remetaliser works for all ICEs, these include Gasoline/Petrol, Diesel, Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged, Supercharged and LPG Engines.

Thank you to our customers, test vehicle owners and our hardworking staff for sharing application photos.

super nano remetaliser engine pouring engine restorer bmw 118i
BMW 118i (F20)
super nano remetaliser pouring VW tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan
super nano remetaliser pouring bmw x6
BMW 335i
super nano remetaliser pouring bmw 3 series
super nano remetaliser pouring bmw 5 series
BMW 5 Series
super nano remetaliser pouring toyota hilux d4d 3.0
Toyota HILUX
super nano remetaliser mini cooper pouring 1.6T
Mini Cooper
super nano engine restorer 引擎修復劑 bmw 520d
BMW 520d
Honda Fit GP5 Super Nano 引擎修復劑 engine restorer

Honda Fit (GP5)

bmw 320i super nano engine restorer 引擎修復劑

BMW 320i

Mercedes-Benz E300 W211 Super Nano Engine Restorer 引擎修復劑

Mercedes-Benz E300 (W211)

Mercedes-Benz E280 Super Nano Engine Restorer 引擎修復劑

Mercedes-Benz E280

Success Case Study 1: How engine repair nanotechnology helps revive engine

The test vehicle this time is a Porsche Cayenne S that has traveled over 300,000 kilometers. Although the engine is at a class of a 4500cc V8, considerable metal wear was accumulated inside the engine, which has severely affected the engine's power and efficiency. Fuel consumption has also reached unreasonable levels.

Owner Mr. Li had this car for many years and has been carefully maintaining it, because it has extremely strict requirements for motor oil, and only uses synthetic oil. He didn't have the habit of using oil additives before, because he never believed in this kind of product, until his group of automobile friends started using the hi-performance engine restorer in succession, and also saw very positive results from them, so he decided to use the product with confidence.

1) Porsche Cayenne S, 4.5L V8 Turbo

2) Mileage indicator: 300,535 kms

3) Adding remetaliser into engine oil system

super nano remetaliser porsche cayenne s engine vibration test

Engine vibration decreased by 40% after adding Restorer

The purpose of the test is to make the reader more clearly understand the changes before and after the product is used. Actual car tests are inevitable for any product. In order to increase the accuracy of the test, a Vibration Meter will be used. This meter measures the amount of vibration emitting from the engine in millimeters per second (mm / s).

Before the engine restorer was used, the instrument read a vibration of 7.0 mm/s. Before adding the engine restorer, you must wait for the engine to reach the normal working temperature and shake the bottle for 2 minutes. After adding 2 bottles, and then idling for 10 minutes, the noise and vibration of the engine have been clearly reduced, and then a value of 4.2 mm/s is read with the instrument, the effect is quite amazing.

The actual road test also reflected a marked increase in engine power, a significant reduction in noise and vibration, and a return to a reasonable fuel consumption level.

Mr. Li: "The engine power has notably increased, noise and vibration also decreased by a significant amount, and fuel consumption have returned to reasonable levels."

super nano remetaliser porsche cayenne s engine restoration test happy customer

Happy customer Mr. Li

Success Case Study 2: Approved and Recommended by Mechanic

This is the first Super Nano Engine Restorer test on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. 2L Engine with a milage of 333,994 kms. Car Owner Adam is a mechanic and would like to see the effect of Super Nano on his car, as he believes that the engine has considerable engine wear, and also lack of power.

Before the restorer application, engine vibration meter gave a 5.3 mm/s reading. 2 bottles of Super Nanos were added in, then the engine let idle at low RPM for 15 minutes. The second reading gave a reading of approximately 4.3 mm/s. That is a 19% reduction in engine vibration in just 15 minutes.

super nano remetaliser test 2003 mitsubishi lancer 2 litre
2 bottles of Super Nano Engine Restorer

After work, the car owner took his car for a night ride of around 40kms around town, and we kindly asked for his comment the next day:

"I've noticed a lot of difference, I didn't expect it to happen so quickly, to be honest. It's a lot more smoother, especially for an old tired engine being over like over 300,000 (kms). Performance wise, I wouldn't really like, its a 2 Litre (engine), you're not really going to notice (significant changes), with 80kW, there's no power stationed there. I'd definitely recommend it, I recommend it to everyone, really. Definitely worth it." ~ Adam


super nano remetaliser test 2003 mitsubishi lancer happy mechanic adam
Satisfied Car Owner Adam (Mechanic)

Engine statistics

This section will be regularly updated as we hit new engine efficiency records for the Super Nano Engine Restorer.

up to

reduction in
engine vibration
2.0L 4 Cylinder Dual VVT-i

up to

increase in
1.6L 3 Cylinder Turbo

up to

increase in
1.6L 3 Cylinder Turbo

Recent test results

A list of results and figures for super nano engine restorer. 

Machinery Vibration Introduction

Measuring engine vibration is one way to evaluate the health of an engine. All machinery vibrates, as it is an operation of multiple moving metal parts in oscillation. The most common causes of an increase in machinery vibration is imbalance, misalignment of engine parts, engine wear and looseness. This is not to be confused with major engine vibrations, such as engine shake.

Here at super nano we are only concerned with the level of vibration caused by engine wear. We conduct before and after engine vibration tests to indicate an improvement in engine condition; a decreased vibration indicates a more efficient and smoother operation, and an increased vibration means there is a worsening of the condition of the engine. 

Sound Tests

We also conduct sound tests to determine the level of engine noise. Generally, an increasingly efficient engine runs more quieter. An increase of 3dB doubles the sound intensity but a 10dB increase is required before a sound is perceived to be twice as loud and vice versa. Therefore a small increase(or decrease) in decibels represents a large increase in intensity.

Disclaimer: All information presented here is for informational purposes only and presented accurate to the best of our ability. Please always do your own research and make any purchase decision wisely, as we do not hope any of our customers make decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information. 

Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g

Manufacture Year Manufacturer Make & Model Engine Product(s) tested Mileage (kms) Before Vibration (mm/s) After Vibration (mm/s) Before Noise Level (dB) After Noise Level (dB) Link
2009 Toyota NOAH 3ZR-FE: 2L I4 Gasoline 2 x Super Nano 127,727 10 6.2 75.5 74.5 View
2009 Toyota Hilux 1KD-FTV: 3.0L D4D Diesel 1 x Super Nano 236,932 19.5 14.8 85.8 84.7 View
  Toyota Chaser 1JZ-GTE: 2.5L I6 Gasoline 1 x Super Nano   1.6 1.1      
2007 Mini Cooper   2 x Super Nano 142,339 7 6.3   82.3 View
2003 Nissan Pulsar N16 QG18DE: 1.8L I6 Gasoline 2 x Super Nano 161,759 5.8 5.7 81.9 76.3 View
2003 Mitsubishi Lancer 4G94: 2.0L I4 Gasoline 2 x Super Nano 333,994 5.2 4.3     View
  Holden Rodeo V6 3.5L 2 x Super Nano 236,348 1.6 1.2     View
1998 Mitsubishi Pajero 6G74: 3.5L V6 Gasoline 2 x Super Nano 236,932 1.6 1.2 80.8 77.8 View
2009 Holden Commodore 3.0L V6 DI Gasoline 1 x Super Nano   10 6.3 82.3 82.3 View
2010 Ford Fiesta   2 x Super Nano 217,460 5.9 5      
2001 Honda Odyssey F23A: 2.3L I4 Gasoline 1 x Super Nano 216,171 3.7 2.3 74.3 74.3 View
2014 BMW 420i M Sport N20: 2.0L I4 Gasoline 1 x Super Nano 81,746 5.7 3.2 74.5 72.3 View
2013 Nissan Pulsar MRA8DE 1.8L I4 Gasoline 1 x Super Nano 60,548 11 7.6 70.0 70.0 View
2010 Toyota Hilux 1KD-FTV: 3.0L D4D Diesel 1 x Super Nano 321,408 20.8 15.1 87.3 86.3 View
2010 Toyota Klueger V6 3.5L 1 x Super Nano 236,932 10 6.3 82.3 82.3 View