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super nano imxpo 2023 booth car models engine restorer 引擎修復劑

IMXpo 2023

14th – 17th December, 2023

Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong

Super Nano joins this year at the International MOTORXPO Hong Kong (IMXpo 2023) as one of the exhibitors in this automotive event held at the Asia-World Expo. 

Together with the largest global car manufacturer's of the World, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ducati, BYD, Lynk & Co and more, We join this years event to connect with our customers and to share our engine and transmission restoration technologies to a wider audience. 

This Year we would like to Thank our fans, friends and garage partners coming from Hong Kong and different parts of the world for visiting us. A special mention to representatives from the Hong Kong Evolution Club for their support and CDM Production for their high quality media content.

Automotive Models from the IMXpo 2023 Event

LUNG1 from CDM Production directs models for their video shoot.
(Instagram: @lung1_)

Mr. Kenneth Chan has also used Super Nano Engine Restorer on his beloved car. 
Video production: Opencar HK
(Instagram: @hkopencar)

Kirin Sit from CDM Production captures moments from the IMXpo 2023 Event.
(Instagram: @kirin.sit)

Jeannie Leung, Model
(Instagram: @jeannieleungxx)

Super Nano and TEVO coating products

Ms. Choi Choi BB, Model
(Instagram: @choichoi_bb)

Wilfred, Ho Lung Motor and Super Nano Fan
(Instagram: @cwywilfred)

Ms. Miyuki Sham, Model
(Instagram: @kuromikuromikuromimi)

Charlie So, John Chan and Mr. Michael Kwan

Mr. Peter Wong,
Chairman of the Hong Kong Evolution Club
(Instagram: @evoclubhk)

Demonstration of Motor Checkup Analysis – real time checking of engine oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid.

John Chan explains the process of Motor Checkup to members of the HK Evolution Club.

Ray, Hong Kong MUGEN representative

 Ronne Tsang, Event and Automobile Photographer
(Instagram: @ronne.tsang)

Hong Kong Mini Club Member

Lawrence Ng Director, Workhouse and Spouse

Mr. Gary Parker, 
Chief Technical Officer (Road Emissions tests)

Mr. Alfred Cheung,
BMW E39 Car Enthusiast

Asuka, photographer and drone flyer
(Instagram: @cesario.asuka)

fan of Ho Lung Motor, MF Ghost and Super Nano

Mr. Kevin Chan from JSC Garage

Lucas, Super Nano User and Fan of Ho Lung Motor

Lucas and Pasu Wong from CDM Production Ltd.
(Instagram: @cdm.production.ltd)

Lucas, Kingsley, Dobby, Yin from Ho Lung Motor and Charlie

B Sir from the Hong Kong Evolution Club and Charlie
(Instagram: @evoclubhk)

 Jack from Peako Model
(Instagram: @peakomodel)

John Chan, who has brought the Super Nano Engine Restorer to Hong Kong, is grateful for IMXpo 2023's event

We Thank all the supporters of Super Nano

"You can restore the most expensive engine in the World, but if you cannot share this good news to your family or friends, then it is all meaningless." – Charlie

Thank you to IMXpo 2023

Bonus Photos:

1/18 Apollo Project Evo Orange Chameleon, Apollo’s exclusive model limited qty for sales at IMXpro2023.