Super Nano Engine Restorer


We are delighted to invite the amazing Alice to our Fanling Garage partner Ho Lung Motor to launch the Super Nano Engine Restorer. On that day, Alice helped demonstrated how easy it was to restore the Red Toyota 86 engine – the boxer FA20.

As always, we at Super Nano provide you with truth, stats and knowledge. You may find more great photos on the day below.

Special Thanks to Long Zai and Insane Racing Society Member "Ken" for their support on the day.

Super Nano Hong Kong 


我們很高興邀請了不起的Alice到我們粉嶺合作車房 賀龍汽車推出 Super Nano 超級引擎修復劑。 那天,Alice 幫助展示了如何簡單修復紅色豐田 86 的FA20水平對向引擎——就是這樣簡單。

一如既往,我們 Super Nano 為您提供真相、統計及測試數據同知識。 您可能在下方找到更多精彩的照片。

另外,特別感謝龍仔及 Insane Racing Society "Ken" 的協助。

Super Nano Hong Kong