First manufactured in 1984, This rare Suzuki Jimny JA51 visits UNG Automotive for an engine restore service using Super Nano’s engine products.


The mechanic at the garage chose to use a high-viscosity 5W40 Super Nano ESTER Plus oil and the Super Resurs Engine Restorer to restore and protect a much needed 1984 Engine.

A customer asks: ”Doesn’t ESTER Grade oils decompose really fast? They only lasts for 3000 kms or lower”

Answer: “Pure ESTER grade oils are generally used in Track or racing conditions for high performance and lubrication. The downside is that Pure ESTER synthetic oil deposes much faster, and would require more frequent and shorter interval oil changes. Super Nano’s Motor Oil uses ESTER and PAO as it’s base oil, with added anti-decomposing additives and most importantly, engine restoration technology.

Super Nano’s ESTER Plus range of oils typically lasts for 8000-10000km or more, depending on the driving habits of the user.


(As always, we recommend engine oil to be changed according to the manufacturer’s specification as listed on the Owners Handbook or by your garage mechanic.)


If you would like to restore the power and protect your Jimny engine, learn more at or contact Super Nano Jordan garage partner for service:

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【 經典鈴木 Jimny JA51:引擎再生了】


1984年出產的鈴木 Suzuki Jimny JA51,使用 Super Nano 專利引擎修復產品之後,性能回復了。


車房 UNG Automotive 師傅選用高黏度,全合成 Super Nano ESTER Plus 5W40 引擎機油及香港有14年歷史的 Super Resurs 引擎修復劑,確保珍貴的 1984年1300cc引擎得到長久的保護及性能發揮。


問:聽說 ESTER類型機油很快就分解,過了 3000公里或以下就需要換油?

答案:純ESTER 機油一般是賽車或極高性能的場合會使用,因為對比傳統或半合成機油,機油流動性在高溫的情況是優勝的。Super Nano 是用 ESTER + PAO 的基礎油形成,有防分解的添加劑及最主要,就是有引擎修復技術,提升引擎機油的持續性。


Super Nano 機油是可以維持 8000-10000公里或以上都不會感覺到效率的明顯減退。



想為您心愛嘅 JIMNY 回復性能及得到長久的引擎保護,可以聯絡 Super Nano 佐敦合作車房或到 了解更多:


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