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Nissan Vehicle test results

Find product tests and User experiences for Nissan automobiles here.

Nissan Pulsar

Manufacture Year: 2003

Engine type: 2L 4 Cylinder Petrol/Gasoline  Mileage: 161,759 kms

Issues: Drive's occassionally a little jumpy, inconsistent engine sound

Tested product: 2 x Super Nano Engine Restorer 50g


Before Super Nano:

Engine vibration (location 1): Approx. 5.7 mm/s (± 0.2)
Sound test: 77.7 to 81.9 db

After 1st Super Nano
Engine vibration: Approx. 5.3 mm/s (± 0.2)
Sound test: 76.3 to 79.1 db

After 2nd Super Nano ( 2 days – after 120kms of driving)
Engine vibration: Approx. 5.7 mm/s (± 0.2)

** Vibration sensor not placed in ideal location for ideal results. To be improved in subsequent tests.


After driving for 120kms

"It's really quiet, I mean, the (2nd bottle) just went in. But yeah, it definitely not vibrating since it's been on. The drive's so far's very smooth, not hearing any funny engine noises that I sometimes hear. 

It's just sometimes the engine makes some strange, humming, grumbling noises, I didn't really hear much of that, since putting in the first bottle, and now since we've put in the second bottle, still not hearing too many funny sounds.

I think it is a smoother acceleration, um... I'm not very good with cars, so I wish I could give a better description but I think I notice improvements about just the way it drives, the way it responds to the accelerator, to even sitting idling in traffic, I think. It's certainly better than what it have been before using this."


Nissan GTR R35
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